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About Us

“There’s Room at Our Table” is a newly formed group to bring allies and LGBTQ people together in the Greater Woodlands area. The goal is to have dinners hosted by allies to show support and acceptance while creating a safe environment for all to be authentically who they are.

In addition, our mission is to encourage allies to “come out” of their closet and have a louder and stronger voice for equality within our community. LGBTQIA+ or straight ally, we all have a story, And stories change the world.  Let’s tell more honest stories and do more listening.  

Come join us.  There’s room at our table. 

About Emily

My name is Emily Harris. I am a straight ally, but I wasn’t always. I was raised in an uber-conservative religion where I was taught (and I believed) that being gay was a choice and a sin. I don’t recall being vocal about that position, but certainly, those beliefs caused me to judge LGBTIA+’s. and thus the “us vs. them” mentality took root.  I remember uttering the words “it’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” to my husband years ago.

What changed? I listened. I listened to the experiences of those not like me and it changed me.  

Emily Harris

After 30+ years I left my religious institution (for a great number of reasons), in large part because of its harmful positions on social issues, including LGBTQIA+ inequality and exclusion.

Although Montgomery County is one of the most conservative counties in Texas, “There’s Room at Our 

Table” is my attempt to give some balance to the hurt, discrimination, and misplaced fear aimed at LGBTQIA’s in our community.

People fear what they don’t understand. So let’s get together to share a meal and listen to one another’s stories. In the process, we can create a safe, meaningful space for acceptance and love.

My husband, Kyle, and I are raising our three children here in The Woodlands.